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Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business Pc License For Windows


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Brand: Microsoft
Availability: In Stock
Media Type: Download – Instructions will be emailed to you
Platform: Windows, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019

Benefits for you:

The all new Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business PC License for Windows promises to bring the synergies of productivity and efficiency and pool them together for the provision of a product that satisfies the need for quick organisation and management of data and files. This version of the Microsoft Office has been designed and crafted with the general needs of the users in mind. It accomplishes most hurdles that the users used to face in the earlier versions of the Windows. With the level of features and utility that can be seen in this version of the Windows, it is easy to decipher that a lot of thought has gone into the creation of the Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business PC License for Windows. Take a look at some of its advanced features that makes it stand out from other Windows versions:



  • Take everything with you, everywhere One of the most efficient and satisfactory feet achieved by this version of the windows is that it provides a cloud based platform, for the users to store and retrieve documents anytime. OneDrive, the propriety programme launched by Microsoft, allows a user to store his documents, photos, files and videos and access them from any geographical location at any given point of time.
  • Get what you want instantly Users can make use of the Smart Lookup option and easily access the requisite information anytime. This improves access to information has significantly reduced the time lag in which a user could obtain the desired information, thus improving and increasing the efficiency of the user and the time taken to make decisions related to business.
  • Work with others in real time Have you wondered how productive and satisfying it can get, to work with other co-workers in conjunction for the achievement of a project or process goal? Well, the Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business PC License for Windows lets you achieve just that, with its new and much applauded feature for collaborating with others around you. Now, you can share the progress of your work with your co-workers, in real time basis. This allows for better sharing opportunities and early detection of errors, along with fast resolving of queries.

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